We were on the Horticulural Garden Tour today

Today we were  on the 23rd Annual Niagara on the Lake Horticultural Society Garden Tour.  There were 9 unique gardens to see an we were one of them. It appears that in excess of 300 people visited our garden oasis today

The write up for our place stated:

We refer to this year round garden as our orchestra. There is something blooming (playing) all the time. In summer, peonies. irises, poppies, brunneria, shasta daisies, clematis, coneflowers and ornamental grasses along with the shrubs, all make their voices known. In the shade garden, you’ll find toad lilies, bleeding hearts, astilbe, rubeckia, hostas, ferns, periwinkle, lily of the valley and ivies. As fall and winter arrive, the maples, tri coloured beech and shrubs like  burning bush, ass colour and continue the visual music show and mix  with the brilliant red of the virginia creeper.

They stared their tour in our front garden with the day lilies beside the entrance driveway. The down the side path to the back gardens with the sitting areas and pond with waterfall along with the flowers.

Here`s what they saw…….