The Philadelphia Story review



We went to see   “The Philadelphia Story” at the Shaw Festival this past Sunday. This is the screw ball comedy about a very wealthy Philadelphia socialite, preparing for her second marriage to a straight lased guy when her former husband shows up with  a tabloid reporter and his photographer.  The movie version starred Kathryn Hepburn, Cary Grant and James Stewart.

Here Moya O’Connell plays the Kathryn Hepburn character to perfection as does Gray Powell as C.K Dexter Haven.  I wish that they had picked a younger girl to portray the impish younger sister, Dinah Lord.  Her ribald song at the piano would have been funnier if she had been younger.  All in all a really good laugh at the upper crust of society in the thirties.  The staging is spectacular and the costumes are well done.

Sandy and I would definitely recommend going to see this play at Shaw Festival. For times and seating availability go to